guillermo navarro-arribas


Assistant professor in the Department of Information and Communications Engineering DEIC at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona UAB, and adjunct scientists at the Artificial Intelligence Research Institute IIIA - CSIC.

  • Security of Networks and Distributed Applications, SENDA.
  • Information Fusion for Privacy and Decision IF-PAD


  • Keynote talk at MDAI 2017: Provenance and privacy slides (Oct. 2017)

  • DPM 2017 held in Oslos Norway, within ESORICS 2017. Proceedings published as LNCS by Springer available at Springerlink (Sep. 2017)


GPG Public key 8915 0A3F DAC8 9FBF 6C04 13C2 EC82 A66E AA34 6E1A

Departament d’Enginyeria de la Informació i de les Comunicacions.
Edifici-Q, Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona
08193 Bellaterra, Spain